Razzlem  Up Dazzle  - Full English Black (Carries Yellow)- Dual Field & Show Champion Pedigree

  • Dazzle is an amazing dog - literally the smartest lab we have ever had.  She is such a part of the family, she is like one of us.
  • Dazzle's Sire is Am/Can Ch Deep Run Casablanca (CD, Ra, MH, SHU),
  • Grand Sire is GCH Can/UKC CH Am Deep Run Poplar Forest Play It Again Sam (UD, RE, MH, MHU) 
  • Dazzle has ultra high desire and intensity in the field, but then loves to crash on the couch in the house.
  • Dazzle Tested Clear for EIC, PRA, & CNM, DM, Cystinuria, HNPK - OFA Hips Good, Elbows Normal.

Starr  - Light Yellow - Nearly all white. 

  • Starr is a really sweet Lab.  She loves to run and play, great hunting instincts - retrieved feathered birds from an early age with no hesitation. 
  • Starr is Mixed English and American, bred primarily for her White coloration.  Her pedigree is made up of well known breeding programs designed to create the White coat while producing genetically sound animals for the betterment of the breed.

           Starr Tested Clear for EIC, PRA, & CNM, DM, Cystinuria 

Truffles  - Chocolate (carries Yellow and Black)- Full English. Dual Field & Show Pedigree

  • Truffles is an incredibly sweet & loving Lab.  She just wants to sit by your side and be pet, very quiet and at the same time one of the most loyal friend you could ask for. 
  • Her pedigree is made up of several Show Champion and Field Titled ancestors.  
  • Truffles has excellent conformation, moves gracefully walking and running.  She loves to retrieve and play.  Absolutely wonderful with small children and other dogs and is very quiet. 

           Truffles Tested Clear for EIC, PRA, & CNM, DM, Cystinuria, HNPK