Decatur, Tx  76234  

The Ranch

Located in Decatur Texas we live on a spacious property perfect to excercise and enjoy our Labradors.  With just under 20 Acres and a spring fed creek we are able to exercise the Labs daily and give them, and us, lots of room to roam and explore.  

Where Everyone Lives

The property was previously a Horse Ranch - when we moved in we converted the insulated Facility to house our Labrador family, with running water, cooling from the Texas Heat, and lots of room for our boys and girls.  Plus we have over an acre of land fenced under mature shady Oak trees for them to get out and enjoy themselves.  Our dogs frequently visit us inside the house as well.


The Wildlife Scenery

We have cultivated food plots and feeders to attract and enjoy a diverse wildlife population for pure enjoyment.  As you can see in the pictures we have some beautiful Texas Whitetale Deer that visit us, we also have occassional Turkey, Quail, Raccoons, and lots of other wildlife to enjoy from the backporch over a cup of coffee in the mornings and we enjoy photgraphing these beautiful animals.

The Rest of the Family

We have 4 cows and a Donkey named Herbert that have become an integral part of our family.  We do not raise them for food (As Cindy is fond of saying, "Friends Don't Eat Friends".  It is truly amazing how each animal has it's own unique personality.  Visitors come and enjoy feeding them treats and getting to know them.  Our Labradors often run and play with them in the fields.