Stud Agreement - 

A non-refundable breeding service fee of 1/2 of the stud fee is due at the time of breeding: Paid on _______CDE.  If no puppies result from this breeding customer will be provided a 1 time repeat breeding at no additional cost for the Service Fee to customer minus shipping and collection fees from Vet service (Not included) and if successful balance of stud fee would then be due 10 days following birth.  If only 1 puppy results from this mating there will be no further charge.  Two puppies or more constitute a litter and the full remaining balance is due within 10 days after the litter has been delivered and before registration is signed, no puppies resulting from the litter may be sold or transfered to new owners until the stud agreement is paid in full.  The stud dog owner guarantees that the stud portion of the official AKC and UKC litter registration form will be filled out and submitted to the AKC/UKC upon full receipt of the final stud fee.  No other warrantees or guarantees are expressed or implied.  Stud is certified to have ­been OFA approved with _Good/Excellent__ rating for Hips and  __Normal___ for Elbows and to be clear on EIC, PRA, CNM, DM, Cystinuria, HNPK.  Females must be DNA health tested and not be affected by any of the diseases common to the Labrador Breed, if the female is a carrier, breeder may breed at their choosing.  In order to utilize our web site for puppy advertisement or to offer full registration the female must have a minimum of OFA Certification completed with results being Excellent, Good, or Fair.

For Shipped Semen –Progesterone test is required to identify exact day for breeding to take place.   Collection and Shipping is for Chilled only (Frozen not currently available) – It is good for 48 hour after collection and must be administered via TCI or Surgical within that time by your vet.  Collection and shipping costs must be paid directly to our Reproductive Vet (Between $350-$445 due to increases in overnight shipping costs by carriers) and is due prior to the process being performed – Females MUST have a progesterone test completed to identify optimal breeding day.  The collection will be delivered directly to your Vet (shipping info to be provided by customer, and customer is responsible for notifying their vet of the overnight AM delivery package to be delivered).  The Collection and Shipping cost is non-refundable and in the event no puppies result from the procedure that TSL Service Fee of $500 would apply again in a 2nd attempt, however the Reproductive Vet Collection and Shipping costs would NOT apply.  Please note, ONLY TCI or Surgical AI is approved as these both provide a 97% success rate.  If a customer chooses another process, such as traditional AI Insertion (Only 68% success rate) the entire Stud Fee must be paid in advance and is non  refundable with no future stud service available.

DUAL Sire litters are not permitted.  Dam owner agrees not to breed dam to any other stud for a dual sire attempt when contracted with TSL for AI breeding.   In the event accidental or intentional dual siring takes place customer agrees to pay the full amount of the stud fee to TSL regardless of which dog tests positive as sire for that litter..

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Our Stud Service


Each of our Males are available for Stud Service - Pricing, DNA Health Certifications, OFA Certification, Pictures, and Descriptions may be found by clicking on the tab "Our Boys"


  - Females must have the DNA Health Testing & their OFA Certification Complete.

  - Females MUST have a Brucellosis test no older than 6 months in order to receive Live Breeding.  AI breeding through our Reproductive Vet,       Josey Ranch Pet Hospital in Carrolton Texas does not require a brucellosis test - however customer is responsible for all vet costs for the AI       (TCI) procedure - cost is approximately $400.00

  - Females must have a progesterone test completed that identifies the ideal day for breeding and breeding service will take place on that             day.  Bringing a female to us for stud service before or after the correct breeding date determined by a progesterone test is a waste of the         customer's time and ours.  

  - in most cases TSL does not keep your female overnight.  If you are from out of town we recommend staying at the La Quinta Inn in                     Decatur Tx which is pet friendly.

  - Stud service includes 1 tie between our Stud and your female on the optimal breeding day identified in the required progesterone test.  In         the event the male and female are able to tie an additional time on the same day there is no additional cost.  If a 2nd tie is requested on a         subsequent day there is an additional charge of $100.  Each time we have had 1 successful tie we have had litters from 6-13 puppies                   produced.

We submit All of Texas Star Labradors breeding dogs DNA to AKC Authorized Laboratories such as Embark, DDC, or Orivet.  Texas Star Labradors carefully plans our breeding to ensure that our puppies are never effected by any of primary diseases associated with the Labrador breed.  These include but are not limited to EIC, PRA, CNM, DM, Cystinuria, HNPK.  By testing all of our adults we can identify if any of our Labradors are carriers of any of these diseases to ensure that they are not breed to another carrier resulting in effected puppies.